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Red Mist: Review 050

Red Mist

Spoilers strikethrough’d, as per usual.

There’s really not a lot I can say about this book that won’t spoil something. Dawn Kincaid is the main antagonist in this book as well. Kay has to go to the Georgia women’s prison to talk to Kathleen Lawler, Dawn’s mom. Women at the prison are dying/being murdered in the same manner as their victims. One woman choked on a tuna sandwich mere hours before her execution because she poisoned the tuna sandwiches at some deli with arsenic and killed a lot of people. While the ending was better than usual in this series, I thought it was too perfect that Price just so happened to live in the house where she and Kincaid murdered the family years before. And also that Kay and colleague Colin just so happened to stumble upon her right after Kay asked Benton to look into her. Overall, this book slightly restored my respect for the series.


 Later on it’s revealed that Dawn has a twin sister named Roberta Price whom she committed a gruesome murder with nine years ago and framed a purportedly stupid addict for. Jamie Berger dies from botulinum poisoning, the toxin used by Kincaid and Price to kill several people. Tara Grimm, the prison warden, was also involved in this and was serving inmates their just desserts by killing them the same way they killed their victims. She allowed the twins to experiment with botulism on the inmates apparently. It sucks that Jaime died because it basically emotionally ruins Lucy. While I wasn’t a fan of their sudden, basically last minute romance, I would rather it had ended more peaceably. It was painfully obvious Grimm was behind the murders at least in part, and I am aware of the irony of her name. All in all, it didn’t seem as deep a mystery as I would have liked it to be.

Rating: 4/5


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