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Predator: Review 024


A psychopath at McLean Hospital where Benton works tells Scarpetta he can solve the murder she’s working and basically tries to manipulate her. He uses whatever and whoever it takes to get inside Kay’s head. Benton, Lucy, and even Marino aren’t safe from his probing clutches. Scarpetta tries to be removed but fails, her psyche still fragile from recent events including Benton’s return and Chandonne’s attacks. She’s still reeling from Benton’s rebirth, so to speak, but she’s doing her best to stay strong and handle it. Over the course of this series so far, I’ve noticed how Kay goes from being cold and clinical to, well, angry and clinical. She has a lot more outbursts in these later books than she did in the beginning. I guess it’s a testament to all she’s been through and how she’s tired of just bottling it all up, laying down and taking it. What I don’t like though is that Kay seems to be an entirely different person. I would have liked for her to still be a little bit like herself in the old days. She just feels… totally rewritten.

I love the cover of this book. It’s creepy, but look at how eye-catching it is! It’s not every day you see a bright neon green book like this. I’m glad I managed to find this copy instead of the paperback.

Rating: 4/5


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